About Us

As avid outdoorsmen, we have spent most of our lives chasing wildlife across the country — from the wapiti in the mountains to the longbeards of Kansas to Mississippi, and so on. One common problem we have always encountered is never being able to find that perfect tree for the perfect game camera setup. From spring setups to winter patterning, the elusive tree always seems to evade us. From this, the Plot Pod was born.

In a small town in Mississippi, The Plot Pod was developed in the outdoors during one of the many hunting adventures with friends and family. It was created out of a necessity to meet a need. No longer is not having the perfect tree an excuse for missing the opportunity at the big one. That’s why we say #NoTreeNoProblem. For those who spend long hours scouting, planning, and hunting, this solution is for you. It was created by hunters for hunters and game enthusiasts alike.

The Plot Pod company is hunter-owned, hunter-driven, and committed to quality, as well as excellence. We are never satisfied and refuse to settle for less than the best. Our passion is bringing superior, unique design, and quality performance that all hunters can use and enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving. The Plot Pod helps make that happen and YOU can too.